What does LMS TP means? It is a portal for TP Students to learn online and download school materials uploaded by lecturers. It stands for Learning Management System and another name for it is Blackboard Academic Suite or Online Learning Interactive Virtual Environment (OLIVE).

The purpose of having LMS TP portal is to prepare students; in any case of outbreak diseases or natural disasters during school term, TP students are still able to communicate with their lecturers and able to self-learn. In order to access LMS TP , TP students should sign in with their matric card number as the username and their password could be found at the matric card under the barcode or use the password you had already changed at TP Student Portal.

In the LMS TP portal, it will show your module depending on which course you are in. You could also take a quiz uploaded by lecturers to gage your standards for your module. Don’t worry! It is very user friendly and you could start your own discussion with your friends!

Besides LMS TP, TPBuySell is another platform website which allows you to buy or sell things. Accessing TPBuySell is the same as LMS TP. Just log in and you could enjoy great offers and deals! Never heard before? Why not try TPBuySell right now?